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Optimize Your Industrial Electricity Cost by Switching to Solar

Save your business’ electricity costs with affordable and eco-friendly solar panels.

Optimize Industrial Electricity Cost with Solar Panels
Solar Panels to suit your Industrial needs

Affordable and customizable alternative energy sources for various industries.

Innovative solutions for various industries
Solar Street Lights
Solar Street Lights

The Solar Street Lights (PJUTS) can be used for 12 hours each day with a system that can withstand cloudy weather for up to 7 days.


Solar Water Pumps (PATS) is effective with sunlight and does not require batteries. Water will be able to flow despite low solar intensity.

Solar PV Traffic Sign

Electricity is channelled directly from solar panels to traffic signs using LED lights. Get maximum security and lower operating costs with this system.


Many transmitter (BTS) towers are scattered in remote areas that are difficult to reach by the PLN network. Our BTS solution utilizes solar power to meet the electricity needs of BTS towers independently.

IoT Integration

All of these products can be integrated with IoT system, enabling users to view product analytics and insights when connected to the Internet.

SUN’s commitment to you

SUN continually innovates so that we can give you the best product for your needs. We customize smart energy solutions that ensure you get the most cost savings while also saving the earth. We always use cutting edge components and technologies in our solar modules to ensure top quality and peace of mind.

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SUN has worked with companies across various industries who have switched to renewable energy sources. See below for a brief selection of case studies.

Berau Solar Street Lights

A large coal mining company used SUN’s solution to illuminate the public street around their mining site in Berau. This Solar Public Street Light project is in progress to install 30 Solar Public Street Lights. Each of these 330 Wp street lights produces 410 kWh per year.

Lampung Water Pump

A large palm oil producer saved 30% of their operational and logistics cost in their Sungai Buaya Estate plantation with SUN’s help. The innovative and cost-effective 40 kWp Solar Water Pump system was utilized to irrigate and store water for the plantation. The system was integrated with SUN’s Smart Monitoring System, which simplified the management of the irrigation schedule without maintenance costs.

Tanah Bumbu Solar Street Lights

A coal mining company needed their mining site in Tanah Bumbu to be lit up in a sustainable manner. SUN installed 6 reliable Solar Street Lights in 2018. Each of these 200 Wp street lights produces 248 kWh per year.

Payment Options

SUN offers three attractive and affordable payment options, contact us to understand the right one for you.

Upfront payment

Upfront payment

Get discounts and special offers by paying for your solar system upfront.

Short Leasing

Short Leasing

Get your solar system with a small initial investment and low interest rate.

Long-term Leasing

Long-term Leasing

Go solar for no upfront cost and lock-in low electricity rates!

Our clients who have switched to renewable energy

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