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Innovative Solar Panel Technology

SUN always prioritizes quality by using the best technology in every component of your solar panel system.

Solar Panel Module

SUN uses high quality Mono / Polycrystalline solar panel modules designed for maximum solar cell efficiency and affordability. The solar modules have an efficiency value of 17.7%, and performance durability estimated at 25 years.


The inverter is an important component, converting raw solar panel energy (direct current / DC) into energy to power electrical devices (alternating current / AC). SUN provides quality inverters that can meet the various capacities of electricity requirements, from residential scale to industrial scale. The maximum efficiency of inverters currently used is 98%.

Corrosion management & Mounting system

SUN uses strong, corrosion-resistant mounting racks and metal fixtures, ensuring elements like air, rainwater, moisture and oxygen do not hamper the efficacy of the system. System structures and fixtures, cable support systems, electrical enclosures and mounting system are all designed for 20 years of operation with anti-corrosion properties.

Cable Management

To minimize risk, SUN adopts a diligent cable management practice. This includes the separation of AC cables and DC cables, separation of power cables and control cables, electrical enclosures, cable bundling and the securing of loose cables.

Access and Maintenance

SUN’s solutions are all designed for optimum accessibility, operational excellence, and serviceability.

Consumer application to monitor the power generated by solar panels or consumed by the user. Application compatible with iOS & Android smartphones.

1. Easy to maintain
2. Periodic maintenance service from SUN as needed

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