Power Distribution Solutions for Your Scale and Needs
Reliable and customized power for your business functions
Low Initial Investment

Low Initial Investment

Payment schemes based on lease purchase are able to eliminate the initial investment cost up to 100%.

Comprehensive Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

Comprehensive warranty and maintenance during the rental contract period.

Stable rates

Stable rates

SUN guarantees our price of electricity consumption (per kWh) is always below the price of electricity from other utilities.

Strong Expertise in Renewable
Energy Solutions Across Various Utility Scales

SUN provides renewable energy solutions for various utility needs. Covering On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid solutions, read on about how we can help you achieve your savings goals.


SUN’s On Grid utility solutions integrate clean solar power generated by solar panels with local power grids by PLN. The result is an electricity cost savings of up to 50% for factories, offices, and various types of businesses. The Energy Monitoring System provided by SUN can also guide owners and operators of the business to be able to use electricity more efficiently, leading to further savings.


SUN’s Off-Grid utility solutions provide complete independence from PLN's power grid, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial and residential needs in areas not covered by electricity distribution. Electricity generated by solar power can also be integrated with other power sources such as gensets (hybrid system) so that electricity supply becomes more stable and reliable.

Go solar for no upfront cost and lock-in low electricity rates!

First-and-only in Indonesia: SUN’s Long-term Leasing payment scheme frees you from the initial Investment cost. You only need to pay for the use of electricity generated during the specified period.

Long-term Leasing (up to 20 years)
Go Solar for no upfront cost and lock-in low electricity rates*

  • Ownership after lease completion: Yes
  • Monthly payment: Pay for energy produced, with 0-3% annual escalator.
  • No upfront cost, save up to 10% on your utility rate
  • Energy monitoring app included
  • Maintenance option available
  • Power output warranty**

*Depends on client’s electricity tariff
**Specific terms and conditions apply


SUN has worked with companies across various industries who have switched to renewable energy sources. See below for a brief selection of case studies.

Off-Grid, East Kalimantan

SUN helped a large mining company with their CSR project of electrifying KAT Birang Village in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan. SUN installed a 12 kWp Off-Grid communal system with backup battery to supply electricity for the residents. This sustainable solution served 21 families, who can now utilize daily essentials like lamps, TV, fans, washing machine, and refrigerator.

On-Grid, West Java

SUN assisted an automotive manufacturer to reduce their electrical bill by building a 1.4 MWp grid-connected solar power solution for their factories in Cikarang, West Java. System yield was optimized by utilizing top tier solar panel and inverter technologies, coupled with a smart energy management system to remotely control and monitor energy production.

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